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About Us

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Dragon's Den

643-'O' Green Way Rd.

Boone N.C. 28607

Our Location

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Store Lore

  The Dragon's Den is a name that has been in common usage in this region, since at least the early 1990s.  The current store is the 4th named store in this region, carrying on the name as a spiritual successor.  The previous Dragon's Den that was open to the public on King Street in Boone, closed in 2005.

  The town of Boone has seen it's fair share of game and hobby stores over the years.  The local hobby community needless to say has a strong desire for the hobby world, whether it be reading, tabletop wargaming, card games, or roleplaying.

  The current store located at the Greenway Business Park in Boone has been open since November 2018.  Currently owned by two former patrons of the former Dragon's Den stores in the area, and we can safely say that we are local. 

  We embarked on this business venture with drive to grow and the desire to be of service to our local community.


Our Unofficial Store Jingle

Disclaimer: we did not solicit that jingle, and we do not sell alcoholic beverages.

Our Current Store Staff:


Russ Seamster
Logistics Manager

Personnel Administrator


Kai Weaver-Young
General Manager
Boone Comic-Con Administrator


1. Gundam
2. Comics/Manga
3. GURPs & Tabletop Games


1. Digimon
2. Dolls
3. Sewing


Grayson Roberts
Store Clerk


Hunter Gavaghan
Store Clerk


Patrick Fordham
Store Clerk


1. Pokemon
2. Swimming


1. Reptiles
2. Trading Card Games
3. Rocks


1. Sci-Fi
2. Fantasy
3. Marvel Comics

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