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   Players, colleagues, neighbors and tabletop generals, this is your page.  Here YOU, yes YOU, can submit Battle Reports to be included on our website by doing the following steps:

Step 1: have a valid email address (we only accept email submissions)

Step 2: use the
below basic format before submitting anything to us

Step 3: create an email with the subject header "Battle Report for Dragons Den"

Step 4: include your real name (deter bots) and state "I agree to the conditions" (read below)

Step 5: send the email to our email at

   Failure to follow any of these steps may result in your submission being automatically rejected without further explanation.  By reading this page it is assumed that you have read our conditions below and understand your request.

Format for submission:

   In the mean time, we have included the Battle Reports / After Action Report format that we would appreciate in the documents below.  We request pictures of the battle and your armies (with points structure) be included with the report that you provide. 

   You may include any extra documentation or media that you think might be of interest, as long as it relates to your battle.

   The Battle Report will be posted to our "Hobby Talk" page.


Battle Report / After Action Report format document

PDF Printout Example
of a US Army Infantry Platoon

Warhammer 40K
Army Builder



8bit drill sergeant png.png

Warlord Games
Army Builder

Flames of War
Army Builder

button forces of war.png

Conditions & Agreements:

   By clicking on this page and having submitted an article for consideration to the Dragons Den that you agree to all of the conditions stated herein.  You understand that your article submission to us can be rejected for any reason and without explanation.  You agree that you will follow our requested format, and refrain from submitting anything illegal or inappropriate for our audiences. 

   You also understand that your article, having been submitted to us, should it be posted is now under the oversight of Dragon's Den, LLC of Boone, NC 28607.  Therefore you waive any/all legal complaint in regards to your article being published to this website.  You understand that these articles are intended as opinion articles and are not intended for individual resale in any form by the store; in other words you acknowledge that the store will not be posting your article to other websites or selling your article for purposes of any monetary gain (or other personal gain). 

   Furthermore, you waive any right to receive any sort of payment be it monetary or other compensation, as the purpose of these articles are for commentary or education purposes per US Section 107 copyright and fair use law.  Lastly, you understand that should you have an issue with your article being on this website, that you reserve the right to REQUEST that your article be removed for whatever reason, and understand the removal of your article is at the leisure of the editor.