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Our Mission & Who We Are


  The Boone Gamers Club is the unofficial local gaming club for hobby enthusiasts that wish to congregate and be among their own in the High Country region of North Carolina.  The purpose of this club is to foster fellowship, goodwill and to bolster the future hobby community that we wish to leave as our legacy to future local hobby enthusiasts.

Fees & Usage


  The club is for the expressed use of having a free and local platform that has no membership fees attached.  Members of the Boone Gamers Club are free to use the Facebook media page provided by the club for free usage in order to coordinate and host events.  These events maybe hosted at the Dragon's Den store location, should the calendar allow, but events can also be hosted at the leisure of this clubs members within the High Country region of North Carolina; specifically that is Watauga, Ashe, Wilkes, Avery and Alleghany counties.  Events outside of the region are also encouraged, but there is no guarantee it can be assisted by the Dragon's Den or other community partner locations across our region.  Store tournaments and other events may involve other fees for participation; these fees are typical in order to pay for prizes, no exceptions.

Membership Privileges & Responsibilities


  The general membership of this club are obligated to practice self-discipline, follow host location guidelines, and to keep all drama to an absolute minimum.  Access to this club is along with its various platforms (i.e. Facebook and Discord) a privilege and not a right; this club was established by the Dragon's Den and the owners will exercise their responsibility to maintain this community.  This privilege and the access it entails can be revoked at any time for any reason deemed fit by the owners of Dragon's Den.

  The owners of Dragon's Den (along with our group admins and other club officials) will
not tolerate any illegal activity in our store location, community partner locations, or at any location where the Boone Gamers Club name is used (i.e. theft, trading/selling stolen goods, assault, drug possession, etc.).  We will also not tolerate drama outside of what is considered reasonable (i.e. table flipping, throwing items at other members, yelling obscenities, etc. are not reasonable).  Violation of any of these preconditions for general membership will result in the offender being kicked/banned off all Dragon's Den and Boone Gamer Club media platforms, subsequently they will also be banned from the Dragon's Den store location and not be allowed any further participation at events involving the store.