Coin Challenge Hall of Fame

2019 Recipients


Mark Hayes


John & Chris Toliver


Kevin Tutterow

2020 Recipients


Horton Doughton

ori golem.jpg

Ori Massengale


Justin Roy

2021 Recipients

zach bradshaw.png

Zachary Bradshaw

jubal danner.png

Jubal Danner

kai weaver.png

Kai Weaver-Young

2022 Recipients

  The 2022 coin recipient nominees or "candidates" have not yet been selected, and nominations are due to the Dragon's Den owners at the email no later than the last day of January in the year following the year they are being nominated for this recognition.

  Please read below for other pertinent information regarding the coin.


What is the Dragon's Den Coin of Excellence?

  The Dragon's Den Coin of Excellence, or "Challenge Coin", was first established in 2019 by the owners of the Dragon's Den store as a means of bolstering the local hobby and gaming community.  Every year in the Spring we announce the coin recipients for the previous year, and these names are submitted to us by other members of the community.  Challenge Coins traditionally were issued by fraternal and military associations with the purpose of recognizing its members for contributions made for the betterment or benefit of others.

  That is right, YOU, the regular everyday community member can submit a name to us for the year of someone that has gone above and beyond for the improvement of the local hobby community.  This could be because the person in question sponsored or hosted a bunch of events, organized a hobby group/club, organized gaming events, created panels for a convention, or really anything as long as the purpose was the improvement of the hobby community without asking for anything in return. 

  These selfless people deserve some form of recognition, and locals in the area that are aware of just how difficult it can be to organize a community will know why there is a desperate need for some form of recognition for these individuals.  To the recipients of years past, thank you for your service to the community, and to local hobby community, choose future recipients wisely.


Who is eligible?

1. Anyone that is not a current owner of the Dragon's Den, previous owners can apply.
2. Anyone that has
not been banned from the Dragon's Den or any of our community partner affiliated locations.
3. Anyone that is
not currently a felon or had a record as a felon within the last 10 years.
4. Anyone that has
not currently or in the past attempted to sell/trade fake or stolen goods in this region.
5. Anyone that has
not already received a Dragon's Den Coin of Excellence or "Challenge Coin".
6. The candidates for the coin
must be from this region (Watauga, Ashe, Wilkes, Avery and Alleghany).

FAILURE to note any of these exceptions on or with the forms submitted for the coin will result in the automatic declination of the coin submission and removal from the Hall of Fame if discovered after the fact.  WAIVERS are considered on a case by case basis to waive one or more of the above eligibility conditions for the coin.  The candidates will be considered by the current owner's of the Dragon's Den, and previous coin recipients will be consulted in the event we have multiple coin submissions.  Our goal is to issue no more than 4 coins per year, due to limited number of coins, but any exceptions made will be made by the owners of Dragon's Den.


How do I submit a name for the challenge coin?

  The DUE DATE for the coin challenge for the year is due on the last day of January in the following year (ex: 2020 submissions were due on the last day of January in 2021).

  The following attached/linked document form is required to be filled with as much information as possible, and this is to include contact information for the coin candidate so they can be contacted should they become a chosen recipient of the coin.  Contact information of the coin submitter must also be included should their be any issues with the documentation or for assistance therein.  The documentation must also have a photo of the the coin candidate included with the form.

  An email with a copy of the forms and other pertinent documents should be sent to  The header of the email for filtering purposes should be "Challenge Coin nomination".  This will ensure we, the owner's of Dragon's Den, as the decision authority of this coin are able to read the nominations in a timely manner and ensure the emails do not get lost as spam.

Coin nomination form and format: