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Codes of Conduct

  The following are our Codes of Conduct, Legal Disclaimers, and Writ of Ban.  In order to ensure good faith and good behavior is observed at all times in our store, we enact these guidelines.  

  1. BE A GOOD SPORT: watch your attitude, cheating will not be tolerated, and be gracious in winning or losing.

  2. SUBSTANCES: alcohol, drugs, and smoking of all kinds are banned from the premises.

  3. PERSONAL ITEMS: do not leave personal items in the store, we are not responsible for your belongings.

  4. LANGUAGE: be mindful of others, keep foul language to a minimum.  Please, no strong odors.

  5. PRESENCE: no shirt, no shoes, no services.  Please no offensive articles (lewd pics or curse words).

  6. MAKE SPACE: please make space for others to sit and enjoy games, we have a small space.

  7. CLEAN UP: please clean up after yourselves; we are not your mother or personal custodian.

  8. CRIME: violence, theft, threats, and throwing objects will not be tolerated.

  9. TRADES: card trades between players at the tables are acceptable (your property), but these trades will not be conducted at the counter, nor will an interruption of a store sale be tolerated.

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